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4 Hardel Rise , Tulse Hill , London , SW2 3DX
Telephone: 020 8671 3448
Fax: 020 8674 6043


Understanding Repeat Prescriptions


What is a repeat prescription?

A repeat prescription is a prescription whereby you can obtain further supplies of your medication without having to see your doctor.

What medication can I get on my repeat prescription?

Only your doctor can decide whether you can have a medication on repeat prescription and how long for.
This may include medication that you need regularly or for a long period and that your doctor thinks is safe for you to take without being seen for every request.
Most medication that is needed for short course treatments would not be repeat medication. Also, when you start on new medication, your doctor needs to keep an eye on you to see if the drugs make you better or worse, before deciding on whether to make it a repeat medication.

What are the advantages of having a repeat prescription?

It is more convenient for you and allows you to participate actively in your treatment. It frees up time for your doctor to see people. This means that when you need your medication you simply re-order it from the surgery without a doctor’s appointment. 

How do I re-order my repeat medication?

You can request your repeat medication either:
- In person, by using the tear-off slip on the right side of the prescription (there is a post box for prescription requests to the left of the reception desk)
- By fax (0208 674 6043)
- By email (send your request to stating your name, date of birth, the medication you need and whether you want it to be sent electronically to your local pharmacy)
- Using Patient Access (you need to register first – please ask the receptionist for more details)
- Through your chemist
- By post (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope)
We regret that in order to avoid mistakes, we are unable to accept requests for prescriptions by telephone except for housebound patients.

How long do I have to wait to collect my prescription?

Please allow at least 48 hours (2 working days), for your request to be processed and ready for collection. If the medication needs reviewing by a doctor then this will be much longer. Please ask the surgery staff for more details. 

What are electronic prescriptions?

You may register to have your prescriptions sent automatically to the pharmacy of your choice. One of the reception team can set this up for you. To do this we must make sure all the personal details we hold on you, address, contact numbers etc must be checked, There are a few medicines that cannot be sent electronically and if this is the case then these will still need to be collected from the surgery or the paper copy sent to a local pharmacy.

At what stage do I re-order my next repeat prescription?

Do not wait until you have run out of medicines. Usually when you have a week left is a good time to put in a request. This gives enough time for collection from the surgery and dispensing at the pharmacy.
Some pharmacies offer a ‘repeat prescription collection service’ from local surgeries. This enables you to collect the dispensed medicines from your chosen pharmacy without making another trip to the surgery for collection. Please allow an additional 24-48 hours for the pharmacy to order and dispense your drugs. If you have special drugs or large quantities it enables the pharmacist to have your drugs ready for your collection, saving you repeated trips for incomplete prescriptions. Ask your surgery staff or local pharmacist for more details.
Make the most of your local pharmacist! 

I have been told that I need my medication for life. Why can’t I have six-month supply at a time?

To prevent wastage if your drug is changed, stopped or lost. Also to help the surgery staff know that you are still taking your medication.

What is a dossette box?

Those patients taking multiple medications may benefit from a dossette box supplied by the pharmacy. Please ask your pharmacist or at reception for more information if you are interested in this service

A message has appeared on my repeat slip saying that I need to contact the doctor/nurse for a review.  Is it really necessary?

Yes. From time to time your doctor/nurse needs to check that you are still benefitting from your medication and it is causing no harm. Also your condition may have changed or you may be taking new medications that require your repeat medication to be altered. 
In some instances it might be possible for you to have your medication reviewed by telephone. Ask your doctor or nurse whether a telephone review would be more appropriate. 
As part of your review, please have a list of questions that you might wish to ask about your medication. Inform your doctor of any changes in your health or medication (including those bought over the counter) that might have occurred since the last time you visited. 
When you go for hospital appointments take your medicines and your repeat ‘request slip’ along with you. It will help the medical staff understand more about your condition and treatment. 
If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group please leave your name, phone number and e-mail address with a receptionist.  Please state your preferred method of contact.  Most communication will come via e-mail where possible.


Ask your doctor or pharmacist about any concerns you might have
Inappropriate use of the repeat system can cause unnecessary delays and wastage
Make sure you understand why and how you should take all your medicine
Return any unwanted medication to your local pharmacy for destruction
Do not keep large amounts of drugs in the house
Only order the drugs you need


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